Ed Evangelista

I love clean simple design. I also want it to be smart and challenging to me. I also love every once in a while to laugh and say I wish I did that. I have been lucky enough to work on some very famous and iconic brands throughout my career.


I’ve helped some to make a lot of money. I’ve helped some sell a lot of product. I’ve helped some gain awareness for a cause. I’ve helped some to stand out and become iconic. All in all I think that it is important to remember that you are only as good as your next miracle, at least that’s what the guys who hire me want.


I’m a professional designer/thinker/conceptualizer/strategist and producer of brand concepts and executions that wrap the consumer 360 degrees. I have a keen sense of design and have been lucky enough to work virtually anywhere with anyone who needs a solution to a creative problem.


I was going to be an architect and that’s where I got a good sense of form following function. Clean lines, nice details, good depth, texture and style. But my pencil had had other ideas and wanted to come off the T-square and triangles to create abstract forms that did not have to fit into mathematical equations.


Fast-forward a lot of years, working at famous creative agencies. Quite a bit of experience in film and print production, digital, social and alternative content. Leading creative teams and working with top clients of famous luxury, consumer, financial, and pharma brands. Winning a lot of awards and accolades, appearing in a couple of reality shows working with Simon Cowell and Kelly Ripa as a marketing expert. I have worked with and trained some of the best creative people in the business. Co-founding a predictive analytics co and being a franchisee of a famous American automotive brand.


I’ve been lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time when planets align and some great creative gets made. For DeBeers, I’ve launched new products such as the Right Hand Ring and Three Stone jewelry for your “Past, Present and Future” that created diamond sales of over $29 billion.


For Sunsilk, I married marketing and entertainment for the launch of “Love bites” on TBS. These were 65 two-minute stories that ran after Sex and the City and kept 70% of viewers eyeballs engaged.


On the digital front for Unilever, I launched Color Showdown that makes contemporary the blondes versus brunette’s debate using Sunsilk's Color Boost Hair color products as the primary weapons of choice.


For Atlantic City, I helped re-establish the city as the east coasts top travel destination with 98% hotel and restaurant occupancy after Hurricane Sandy.


I love to collect and restore classic foreign cars. My other hobbies are fishing, boating and sitting on the beach. I’m married with two teenage kids and live on Long Island.


No matter what your needs are I am available for consulting, freelance or full time.


No job is too big or too small. I still love what I was trained to do and can be reached at edevangelista@optonline.net