Atlantic City When we won the Atlantic City account they had never done any regional advertising so this was a way to reintroduce AC as a top east coast tourist destination. I wanted a very simple logo. Something that could be a bumper sticker or magnet on a car. Something that was a badge. A badge to wear when you DoAC. We had to get across that AC wasn't just for gambling. It has 5 star restaurants, some of the best hotels on the east coast and a beach and boardwalk. Great shows, clubs, spas and world class shopping. We had a 98% occupancy rate in hotels and restaurants consistently while this campaign has run. I love this account because I got to spend a lot of time in AC. Not to mention my Crap game has gotten much better. Integrated
Activation The Challenge: Get people to AC. Now!!! Solution: Give people in Philly, NYC, and Baltimore a ton of free money to spend in AC, but with one caveat: their money will expire every minute they’re not in AC. How: We create an expiring chip with a built in timer. The timer activates after you get the chip. The chip starts with a set dollar amount depending on location, let’s say $1000 for NYC. It will decrease $1 every minute that goes by. So if it takes you 2 hours to get to AC, you would net $880 to spend. You reach Atlantic City faster, you get more money to spend. It looks like we’re giving out a ton of free money, but in reality it’s less considering the time constraints. But one thing is for certain; there won’t be an expiration on the ton of buzz.
AC Currency magnets
Time Square Digital Billboard
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